Careers Guidance

At Weston Secondary we aim to support our students and their parents/carers by providing timely guidance throughout years 7-11. This support, advice and guidance opportunities are in combination with our strong partnerships with local Colleges, Universities and Training providers.

We are passionate about preparing our students for their post-16 next steps and believe that preparing them involves providing the tools and experiences they need to make informed career and employment choices.

Every student at KS4 has the opportunity to meet with our qualified and impartial Careers Advisor to provide support in setting goals and make future career plans. Students are selected for interview, but appointments can be requested by parents or students through the tutor, Head of Year or emailing the Careers Department on


Labour Market Information (LMI)

It is important for every student, parent and carer to be aware of and to use Labour Market Information. Providing detailed information about all pathways, relevant courses, opportunities, labour market understanding will support students and strengthen their capacity to make informed decisions and positive transitions on future study and potential job sectors. LMI provides information that students can use to support a future successful career.

To learn more about the most up to date Labour Market Information in Hampshire click here

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