Teaching & Learning

At Weston Secondary School we are working towards embedding Rosenshine’s 10 Principles of Instruction into the heart of our Teaching and Learning strategy.

The Principles are based on research about how our brains learn and studies on how effective teachers help students achieve their best.

The 10 principles are:

  • Reviewing important information daily so it’s easier to recall.
  • Learning new things in small steps.
  • Asking students questions to see how well they have learned.
  • Providing models to support understanding and problem-solving.
  • Allowing students time to absorb new information by rephrasing, elaborating and summarising it.
  • Checking individual students’ understanding of their learning.
  • Expecting a high success rate in class to ensure students are learning and challenged.
  • Using models, cue cards, thinking out loud and checklists to assist learning.
  • Independent practice to embed new learning in students’ memories.
  • Reviewing learned material weekly and monthly to commit it to memory and make it easier to connect to new material.

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