Key Staff

Staff at Weston Secondary School are passionate about their subject and passing on their love of learning to students. We have 75 staff.

Here are the key members of staff at Weston Secondary School:

Senior/Extended Leadership Team

Mrs L Paston – Headteacher

Mrs T Noble – Deputy Headteacher

Mr A Papanicolaou – Deputy Headteacher

Ms V Keyes –  Deputy Headteacher

Mr S Smith – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs T Harper – Business Manager

Mr S Robinson – Director of Careers

Mrs K Moss  – Director of Inclusion

Mrs R Adams – Director of Expectations

MS R Connery – Director of Communications

Dr E Church – DSL

Subject Leaders

Mrs S Roath – Head of Mathematics

Mr K Booth – Head of Science

Mr K Brown – Head of Computer Science

Mr W Cardy – Head of Performing Arts

Mrs S Smart – Head of Humanities

Mrs D Rennie – Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr A Murrell – Head of Creative Media

Ms R Rennison – Head of P.E

Heads of Year

Miss S Masters – Year 7

Mr J Fuccio – Year 8

Mr C Hook – Year 9

Ms J Keely – Year 10

Mr R Caws – Year 11

Mr J Anderson-Poore – Deputy Director of Expectations

Mrs C Hooper – K5 Mentor

Mrs J Trescothic – K5 Mentor

Student Welfare

Mrs A Ward – Student Welfare Lead (Young Carers)

Mrs R Horton – Student Welfare Lead

Mrs J McCartney – Student Welfare Lead (First Aid Matron)

Ms S Johnson – Student Welfare Lead

Ms L Pattison – Student Welfare Lead

Ms I Brown – Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead


Dr E Church – Designated Safety Lead (DSL)

Mrs L Griffiths – Deputy Designated Safety Lead (DDSL)

Mrs C Cooper – DDSL

Mrs I Brown – DDSL

Mrs J Trescothic – DDSL

Mrs A Ward – DDSL