Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance

All students should leave Weston Secondary School with clear post-16 pathways and be excited about their future.

Here at Weston Secondary School we don’t expect all of our students to know the career that they wish to pursue however, we do want to ensure that they have high aspirations and belief in their own abilities so that they are prepared to make informed choices about their futures.

Weston Secondary School students are encouraged from the beginning of year 7 to start thinking about their skills and qualities so that they can effectively plan for their futures.

We aim to raise aspirations and provide our students with the knowledge and experience to make informed decisions for their future choices regarding further education, apprenticeships, training or work.

We work closely with local colleges, sixth forms and universities, as well as organisations and businesses so that our students get the best possible opportunities. Our Careers Programme can be found on our Careers Information page (Please see link below).
The school has a dedicated Director of Careers Education – Mr S. Robinson who for further information can be contacted by email: