A warm welcome to Weston Secondary School (WSS). HAMWIC Trust and I have a very clear vision for Weston Secondary School. Put simply, it is to become the number one school of choice in the local community and one of the top four schools in Southampton. We will have impeccably high standards and aim for the best.

As a HAMWIC school, our aspirations are

  • To celebrate the uniqueness of our young people
  • For everyone to achieve their full potential through a pathway of opportunities
  • To harness potential, enable opportunities and grow the future

Weston Secondary School will be a school characterised by outstanding teaching. WSS will be an oversubscribed school that children walk to, with their friends, where they enjoy coming, and a school of which they feel proud. WSS has hard working, committed and passionate staff and we will continue to ensure that our young people have the very best teachers and support staff possible. Students will go home and talk excitedly about lessons and they will look forward to coming to school the next day. We must, and we will build on the enthusiasm and motivation children have as they leave year 6, and students will continue to make rapid progress.

WSS will be calm, orderly and welcoming. It will be a school where children leave the stresses and difficulties of the outside world at the gates. Our vision is of an outstanding school, characterised by high aspirations, academic excellence and exemplary behaviour, but where, alongside the firm discipline, there is a golden thread of care, encouragement and reward. And as well as achieving the highest qualifications they can, we want our students to fulfil their potential, academic and personal, sporting and musical, creative and artistic. We want  our youngsters to leave school as well-rounded, confident young people, with an awareness of the wider world and a desire and ambition to play an active part in it.

In order to achieve the outcomes that we know our youngsters can, we will take a hard line on standards and expectations. This may be challenging for a number of young people, their parents and carers however it is in the interest of the children and their future. We ask you to support us with these measures so that your child can be the best they can be.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the school, please could you ensure that you contact us directly rather than posting through social media so that we can respond and address your concerns promptly. We welcome communication with our parents, carers and our community so that we can work together to achieve the very best outcomes for our students.

Louisa Paston


“The danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and miss our goals, but that we aim too low and reach them”.