Hamwic Education Trust

Weston Secondary School is part of Hamwic Education Trust – one of the largest multi-academy trusts in the South of England. Its academies work in local community partnerships based in Southampton, Portsmouth, Poole and East Dorset.

Hamwic Education Trust was established in 2011 and is one of the largest multi-academy trusts in the South of England. We have schools and partnerships spread across Portsmouth, Southampton, Poole and East Dorset.

Putting the child at the heart of everything we do is the cornerstone of everything we do. We also celebrate the uniqueness of our pupils, our staff and our schools and aim for everyone to achieve their full potential through the pathways of opportunities available.

Hamwic Education Trust ethos

Hamwic Education Trust celebrates the uniqueness of pupils, staff and schools, and aims for everyone to achieve their full potential through the pathways of opportunities available.

It aims to achieve this by:

  • Supporting and challenging the Trust schools’ leaders, staff and students to achieve their best, ensuring the Trust has the skills and expertise to do this
  • Providing a safe and enabling learning environment for all
  • Ensuring that every student has the same opportunities to be successful
  • Providing opportunities for the complete learning journey for our students and staff
  • Ensuring schools have the resources they need for learning
  • Recognising and respecting the individuality of each school and setting
  • Facilitating communities of schools working together for the benefit of all, both in partnerships and across the wider Trust

Our ethos:

  • Inclusive – opportunities for all
  • Supportive – health and well-being
  • Collaborative – recognising that the sum is bigger than the individual parts
  • Respectful – of each other, our people and students
  • Outward-Facing – learning from each other and outside of the Trust
  • Empowering – staff and students to take a collective responsibility for learning
  • Open and honest – transparent in our decision making

Our aspirations:

  • All students to make expected progress or better
  • All schools to be judged good or better by Ofsted
  • To be an Employer of Choice – recruit, develop and retain the best
  • All schools and Trust to be financially sustainable
  • All schools to have a safe learning environment that supports learning and development

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Hamwic Education Trust

Company no: 10749662
CEO: Robert Farmer

Trust Board Chair: Alice Wrighton

Unit E, The Mill Yard
Nursling Street
Hampshire SO16 0AJ
Telephone: 023 8078 6833

To contact the Chair of the Board of Trustees at Hamwic Education please email alice.wrighton@hamwic.org

The Edwin Jones Partnership in Southampton

Weston Secondary School is in Hamwic’s Edwin Jones Partnership with the following schools:

Together with our partner schools, we work to improve standards and practice, developing the curriculum and identifying strengths. We share a commitment to making a positive difference to our children and their families through a nurturing, caring ethos and raising aspirations within our community.

The partnership brings professional expertise and experience to secure the highest possible achievement for all. All aspects of our work will have a clear focus on improvement in the skills of our students, staff and community on sustaining measurable impact.

Our aim is to continue to develop our united learning community through a network of leaders and practitioners committed to sharing successful practice. We think and work differently and use new opportunities to ensure all learners remain at the heart of education. We aim to develop passionate life-long learners who are able to make a positive contribution to society.

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-CEO Robert Farmer