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Library Opening

By October 2, 2023Uncategorized

Library Opening

October 2, 2023

Our new library is officially open!

On Monday 25th September we opened the doors to our new library for the first time. We were fortunate enough to have local author, Ali Sparkes, to inaugurate our library and officially cut the ribbon to our new space. Selected students joined us for the launch and were able to purchase books from a pop-up shop supplied by local bookshop October Books. Our students enjoyed a presentation delivered by Ali Sparkes that outlined her journey to success; the audience participation was phenomenal. After this, Ali delivered a workshop that encouraged our students to create a title, blurb and begin the first page of their books; they were writers for the day and crafted some fantastic fiction.


As a school, we feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful space that is located at the heart of our school. The library is a space that cannot be missed; there is so much knowledge waiting to be discovered and all that they need to do is step inside and pick up a book. Libraries are about freedom: freedom to read, freedom to learn and freedom from life as we know it. Books are the doors into our past, they represent our present and encourage us to consider our aspirations for the future. Our students are fortunate enough to have a plethora of books to choose from with a range of fictional genres and non-fiction texts, too; there truly is something for everyone.


It has been such a privilege to have been able to lead this project and I wholeheartedly believe that books can change lives. I look forward to supporting our students in their reading journey and hope that they enjoy everything that the library offers to them.


Mrs B. Early

Head of Literacy

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